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Batman v Superman isn’t a Superman sequel, Superman says

Batman v Superman isn’t a sequel to Henry Cavill’s 2013 Man of Steel so much as it is a way to introduce Batman and more to the DC Comics on-screen universe, the bearded Last Son of Krypton told MTV.

Scheduled for a 2016 release, Batman v Superman will take what Cavill and director Zack Snyder started and introduce Ben Affleck as Batman’s latest incarnation.

"I wouldn’t call this a Superman sequel," Cavill said. "It’s Batman v Superman, so it’s a separate entity altogether. It’s introducing the Batman character and expanding upon the universe, which was kicked off by Man of Steel."

Instead of being a direct sequel, Batman v Superman will use the Metropolis Marvel as a bridge to new things.

"It’s definitely an introduction to the character [Batman]," he said. "And ultimately [the] introduction of Justice League."

In the DC Comics universe, the Justice League is a team of superheroes battling the forces of evil together. Since its introduction decades ago, card-carrying members have included Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman. In February, Snyder showed off Aquaman’s impressive new look.

You can watch the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below and check out a pair of posters for the best of frenemies.

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