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Apple Watch app store goes live with dozens of games fit for a wrist

Apple's smart watch begins rolling out tomorrow, and the app store for the watch went live today. Inside the store, browsers will find an array of new and updated apps, including more than two dozen games designed for the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch games break down into two general categories: quick-fix, standalone titles and gaming companions.

The quick fix category features a list of games that you can play directly on your wrist.

This includes games like Runeblade, the first fantasy adventure game for the Apple Watch, which includes a rune enchanting mechanism, spells, artifacts and simple on-watch play.

watch quest

In Watch Quest! Heroes of Time, the iPhone serves as your kingdom and the watch as the hero's journey. The player explores the land, battles monsters and solves puzzles in quests that can take anywhere from an hour to an entire day.

Spy_Watch has players using their Apple Watch to send agents on missions. The game, from the makers of Surgeon Simulator, is about rebuilding your fallen spy agency.

Popular trivia game, Trivia Crack lets you play entire matches from your Apple Watch.

Letter Zap gives you 30 seconds to turn the letters on your watch face into as many words as possible and then tracks the high scores.

Another puzzle game, Rules! brings its puzzlers to the wrist with a daily brain workout mini-game.


Lifeline delivers a classic choose-your-own-adventure to your Apple Watch. The story, written by Dave Justus (Fables: The Wolf Among Us), tells the story of stranded astronaut Taylor in the aftermath of a crash landing on an alien moon.

The second category, gaming companions, are simply add-ons to existing games.

For instance, Modern Combat 5's Apple Watch add-on allows you to change your class selection, customize your weapon load-out and weapons, pick a mask and receive notifications on your watch.


In exercise game Walkr - Galaxy Adventures in your pocket, you can use the watch to control your planets and dynamic food replicator, as well as check the weather and boost your energy gaining.

TouchFish lets you take care of your fish when they are hungry or sick, from the watch.

And Real Racing 3 lets you launch races with your Team Driver from Apple Watch.

Apple officials tell us that a flood of apps and games are still expected as the Apple Watch continues to roll out to customers. You can browse the Apple Watch games using the Watch app on your phone or by searching for "Apple Watch" in iTunes app store.


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