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Watch Jon Stewart, Neil deGrasse Tyson weigh in on the Batman vs. Superman debate

Ever since the announcement of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there have been endless debates about who will actually win — or even if there can really be a winner. But if we had to stake our bets on anybody's prediction, we're a lot more likely to trust astrophysicist and all around charming geek Neil deGrasse Tyson.

On a recent episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Stewart and Tyson delve briefly into this very important superhero debate. While Stewart has his own theories ("Batman is just a guy with a nice belt. Superman is invincible."), Tyson has some better ideas on what it's all about.

"At the end of the day, what might matter is the public reception of the superhero's conduct," Tyson said. "If Batman executes our wishes, and Superman does what the hell he wants, that's a conflict."

Tyson and Stewart ponder the finer points of superhero face-offs around the 3:40 mark. Check out the full clip below to watch them discuss, as well as talk about the rise of geeks and Tyson's National Geographic show StarTalk.

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