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Watch monster fights and massive world expeditions in Xenoblade Chronicles X

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Nintendo's Direct presentation focusing exclusively on upcoming game Xenoblade Chronicles X aired today, offering a in-depth look at gameplay, including exploration of the game's changing and tricky monster fights.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is Monolith Soft's spiritual successor to 2010 title Xenoblade Chronicles. The game follows a group of survivors who crash land on an alien planet. Like its predecessor, X is a role-playing game that features complex real-time combat.

As discussed during the first half of the presentation, players will explore a world with five expansive continents, which span great deserts, tundras, lava-soaked fire pits and more. Along the way, players will hunt for Lifeholds — shelters that broke off from the downed ship — to rescue those inside. Xenoblade Chronicles X also allows players to pilot Skells, giant mechs that can fly, drive and more through the world. Check it out above.

A live demo of the game played through some of its quests. The video, which you can watch below, also tackles combat, skills, the GamePad's use and more.

Xenoblade Chronicles X launches for Wii U in Japan April 29 and is expected to launch in North America this year. For more on Xenoblade Chronicles, check out our review of the Nintendo 3DS port, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.