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Latest Death of Superman Lives trailer shows more of Nic Cage's bonkers, light-up Superman suit

The latest trailer for The Death of Superman Lives, which examines the long-dead Nicolas Cage and Tim Burton attempt to reboot Superman, shows more of the goofy, light-up suit that was created for that version of Superman. I'm not sure this would have been good, in fact I'm pretty sure it would have been terrible, but my gosh I still wish I could have seen the final product.

There is an interesting line in that trailer talking about how Superman doesn't belong to any one person, and that's a great way to think of the character in general. I've had arguments with people over Man of Steel, and it really comes down to what you want out of the character.

If you're a starry-eyed fan of the more hopeful Christopher Reeve version of the character, nothing Zack Snyder will do is likely to convince you this new direction is good. If you're less uptight about how Superman should be shown and what tone we should find in his films you'll likely have more fun at the cinema in general, and you're likely more flexible about how different directors show the character.

Nic Cage. Light up suit. I hope there's more footage out there.

Trailer: Batman vs. Superman

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