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The first Apple Watch app from the devs behind the Bit.Trip games isn't a game

Choice Provisions, the studio formerly known as Gaijin Games and the makers of the Bit.Trip series of games, announced their first foray into the world of Apple Watch titles today.

But, it's not a game.

Talli is a $2.99 productivity app for the watch and iPhone which can be used to essentially track anything.

The app has more than 20 icons to choose from to track activities and can track them per day, week, month, year or indefinitely. It also creates neato little graphs, maps and calendars to help you parse what's what.

Why is a game studio making an app?

"It's not our usual type of product, but hey: developers gotta branch out every once in a while," according to the press release.

And the little app isn't entirely free of gaming inspiration; the colors and design reflect the aesthetic of the Bit.Trip series.


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