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Is Left Shark still famous enough to appear in World of Warcraft?

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Left Shark, the out-of-step anthropomorphic fish from Katy Perry's acid-trip Super Bowl halftime show, became an Internet meme two months ago, or about 78 years in human lifespan. No matter, World of Warcraft's latest patch will introduce the uncoordinated apex predator to the game.

Left Shark — yes, by that name — will be a companion in the 6.2.0 patch. It's a level 25 companion including four abilities with a 100 percent chance, plus "Dazzling Dance," which increases the user's team speed by 25 percent for nine rounds.

The shark isn't available yet. The information comes from WoWHead. Blizzard announced the patch on April 17 and the new zone and raid it would deliver, but didn't mention Left Shark in its patch notes. It's currently in testing and hasn't gone public yet.

A shipyard feature which lets players build their own vessels, also will be part of the patch when it's released. Perhaps this may be where Left Shark can be found. No one yet knows.

Left Shark is the shorthand for the hapless backup dancer (pictured, at, well, left) in the halftime Show at Super Bowl 49. At this rate, the white/gold/blue/black dress should make Warcraft sometime in May.

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