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See Gengar in action in Pokémon's arcade-only fighting game

Though it's an arcade-only game slated to launch in Japan, Pokkén Tournament still does plenty to stoke Poképhiles' imaginations with scenes of well known Pokémon duking it out in a fighting game. Yesterday, Bandai Namco revealed that Gengar will be joining the roster.

Gengar was introduced as the seventh member (so far) of the Pokkén Tournament cast at a livestream hosted by Katsuhiro Harada (and others), the game's producer and also the director of the Tekken series.

Other characters announced thus far are Pikachu, Gardevoir, Suicune, Lucario, Blaziken and Machamp, with assist characters Emolga, Fenniken, Lapras, Frogadier, Eevee and Snivy. For more Pokkén Tournament, see this video from JAEPO 2015 in February below.

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