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Star Wars has amazing cosplayers, watch a few in action

The Star Wars fandom encompasses many different things, from the movies to the extended universe to the video games. This episode of Cosplay Boom focuses on the cosplayers of Star Wars, and there's some really neat things to say.

"This video was mainly shot at Star Wars: Celebration in Anaheim but there are also interviews from other conventions from the last year as well," Director Todd Kenreck told Polygon. "This is by far one of my favorite episodes, the stories of human connection are really fantastic all the Star Wars fans had a sense of community and optimism about the new movies and the games. Which was refreshing, they've been hurt before."

This is a great episode, you have some really intimidating looking people talking openly about their love for that character. Seeing people put their own spin on the characters, up to and including the pregnant woman who turned her belly into the Death Star battle with floating X-Wings and Tie Fighters, is inspiring.

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