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World War I gets a first-person shooter and it looks amazing

Multiplayer first-person shooter WWI game Verdun officially launched today on Steam, according to Dutch developers M2H Games and Blackmill Games.

The PC, Linux and Mac game was in Early Access on Steam for more than a year where it earned about 4,300 positive reviews out of nearly 5,000.

The game features authentic weapons and uniforms from WWI and includes maps from some of the battles that took place between 1914 and 1918 in France and Belgium, according to the developers.

Other features include "true trench warfare," tactical squad combat and a variety of multiplayer modes.

Today's full release of the game includes a bonus map called Aisne, based on an area in Northern France which saw some of the biggest battles during the early years of the war.

The developers promise that Verdun will get free thematic expansions over time, including the addition of Belgian and American troops for the Allies, and for the Central Powers some special German troops.

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