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Violent shooter Hatred will be released on June 1 (correction)

Destructive Creations' Windows PC shooter Hatred will be released on June 1, the Polish company announced today.

A new trailer was also released today (above) that, like its predecessors, focuses on the central character's contempt for humanity and his extreme and cruel violence. This graphic trailer also shows the character in combat with ranged forces of law and order.

Hatred is an isometric tactical shooter that was first revealed last year. It has been given an ESRB Adults Only rating in the U.S. and Canada. Valve initially pulled Hatred from Steam Greenlight last year, stating that it "would not publish" the game, but later reversed its decision and apologized to the developer.

Correction: The original version of this post noted that Valve pulled Hatred from Steam Greenlight, but did not clarify that Valve later reinstated the game. The post has been updated to reflect that.