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Witness the power of this mostly operational AT-AT in Arma 3

After having spent a solid year playing Arma two nights a week, I found myself watching the Star Wars Battlefront trailer a few days ago and thinking, "Gosh... wouldn't it be amazing if I could pilot an AT-AT?"

My dreams, it would appear, have been answered.

Arma community member McRuppert, who goes by McRuppertle on YouTube, is one of the evil geniuses behind a mod that adds raptors to Arma 3. Some time ago he ginned up a mod that puts AT-ATs into Arma 2. Since so much code is shared between the two most recent version of Arma, he was able to port the AT-AT over. But sadly, it's not perfect and he's not sure he'll even be able to finish the conversion.

But can you control the AT-AT? We're still not sure. But you can ride it, in a fashion. Watch the video the find out what I mean.

Below you can see McRuppert's work on the Raptor mod, which is in a playable form and available for download through the Steam Workshop right now.

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