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Check out a few slick new pieces of Destiny gear you'll get from Trials of Osiris

Destiny: House of Wolves' Trials of Osiris PvP mode will add a ton of new, surprisingly fashionable gear for all of the game's classes when it launches May 19, and Bungie showcased some of the loot during a streaming presentation today.

Players who win a sufficient number of times in a single Trials of Osiris run will be able to purchase new gear using their entry ticket. There will be two different versions of each piece of armor available — one which can be ascended to have 42 points of Light (the new maximum which will bring players to Level 34), and one that will start out at 42 Light. The lower-level gear will drop while playing Trials of Osiris, while the 42 Light gear — which has a unique Egyptian aesthetic — can only be purchased after players rack up five or more wins in a single run.

In the video above, you can see a section of the stream where players purchased Trials of Osiris head pieces from the vendor. Warlocks can find the Hood of the Exile, a helm with grenade-boosting perks that resembles the head of Anubis. Hunters can grab the Cover of the Exile, a melee-focused helm with mummy-like wraps around the jaw. Titans can get the Helm of the Exile, a well-rounded helm with two curved horns.

These are just a few of the unique pieces of gear players can purchase for successful Trials of Osiris runs — there will be more armor pieces and new weapons for players to fight for as well.

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