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House of Cards gets a fourth season next year

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House of Cards will return to Netflix for a fourth season, according to a tweet from the series' official Twitter account this week.

Writer and producer Beau Willimon tweeted that "the writers & I have been secretly writing for months."

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright will reprise their roles, and the fourth season will begin production this summer for a 2016 release.

House of Cards' third season premiered in February, and it continued its gaming leitmotif. Spacey's Frank Underwood has always been a gamer, but the current season includes a story about a video game reviewer. Press play below for a supercut of gaming-related scenes from season three.

This season also revealed that Underwood is a Monument Valley fan. Be sure to read our coverage to learn the surprisingly simple story of how the mobile puzzle game wound up in the president's hand.