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Bloodborne beaten without leveling up or using guns

YouTuber BoyvsVideogame has a thing about beating games on their hardest difficulty setting with "insane restrictions." His latest bit of insanity? Proving that the Waste of Skin class in Bloodborne isn't what it says it is.

The class starts you out at level four, but with no stat tweaks. BoyvsVideogame not only beat Bloodborne using the class, but did so without ever leveling up. Oh, and he never uses a gun.

In the video above you can watch him methodically pick apart the final boss of the game. Watch from the beginning if you want to see a glorious death, or from 9 minutes in to see him succeed. I recommend watching the first death just to hear BoyvsVideogame's reaction, which made me laugh.

You can find the rest of the Bloodborne videos over on his channel.

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