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Here's how you can play Star Wars Battlefront next week

EA Canada and EA Redwood Shores are holding playtest sessions, which last three to four hours, on Friday, April 10 for the still-in-development Star Wars Battlefront.

If you live in Vancouver or the San Francisco Bay area, you can sign up here for the EA Canada session and right here for the EA Redwood Shores session.

Let us know if you get in so we know who to think about when we're being all mopey next week not playing the shooter.

The game will be officially unveiled later this month at Star Wars Celebration, the semi-annual fan convention.

Star Wars Battlefront is in development at DICE by veterans of the Battlefield franchise and Mirror's Edge. Last October, EA said that the game is slated for a holiday 2015 release.

Developers Free Radical Design, Pandemic Studios and Rebellion Developments worked on Battlefront games, which put players in the midst of giant battles in the Star Wars universe, before the series went dormant some years ago.

Disney acquired George Lucas' empire of businesses in October 2012. In May 2013, Disney and EA revealed an exclusive deal for rights to certain Star Wars games to be developed by BioWare, Visceral Games and DICE.

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