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San Francisco in Cities: Skylines is freaking mind-blowing

Cities: Skylines is an impressive city simulation game, but Reddit user ixohoxi's 1:1.5 scale recreation of San Francisco is a whole other level of amazing.

Complete with the Golden Gate and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridges, it's built on a model of the Bay Area created with a heightmap capture and creation tool to extrude the geography. Then ixohoxi filled Delkana's San Francisco geography with buildings and highway ramps that intertwine like spaghetti. And the Bay Area only takes 4.597 MB to download.

You can check it out below, in an Imgur gallery from norrus.

In the Steam comments, the pseudo civil engineer explained his choice of scale.

"You could probably get away with doing the map 1:1 scale but the issue I was running into was the Golden Gate bridge started looking even more wonky than it does right now (they need better long bridge models). The decision was more of an asthetic (sic) choice, and I think an alternate 1:1 map would be interesting too!"

Delkana's achievement is just one from the community that's amassed since publisher Paradox Interactive and developer Colossal Order released Cities: Skylines March 10 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The Flight Cimulator mod, for example, allows players to soar above their creations.

For more on the game, press play below to watch our Overview video. If you want to get your simulation on, Cities: Skylines is $29.99 on Steam.

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