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Mario, Luigi and Sonic DLC comes to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate today

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Need a little more Sonic the Hedgehog in your Monster Hunter? April's downloadable content for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS has that and more, including easy access to both Mario and Luigi outfits for your Palico. It's all part of the game's monthly DLC, which is free and available today.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's Super Mario Bros.-themed outfits have been available via the game's starter pack, but Capcom is making it easier to get the one players didn't choose from the get go through the "Oh, Brother" quest. In addition to those Palico outfits, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's April DLC pack also includes quests that unlock gear based on Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo.

In all, the new DLC includes 14 new questions, two new weapons and three complete armor sets for your hunter. There are four Palico weapons and seven Palico armor sets, as well as a bonus Blue Pal. Check out Capcom Unity's video walkthrough of the new content for details.

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