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This AR horror game looks like the future of fear and 'nope'

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Virtual reality has shown a lot of promise in creating spooky experiences for the horror genre, but augmented reality might just be where it's at. A new project called Night Terrors, which uses AR to create a creepy environment, aims to be "the scariest game ever made."

Night Terrors uses your phone to create a unique experience based on your actual surroundings, aka your home. Your goals are simple: save a young girl, and stay alive. It's meant to be played at night, and it uses your phone's camera and microphone feeds to process your environment.

According to developer Bryan Mitchell, nothing in the game "just happens. The game's understanding of the environment motivates how the elements look, how they behave and how they sound."

Night Terrors is being funded via IndieGoGo, and its creators are asking for $70,000. You can watch their full pitch above. Night Terrors is currently being developed for iPhone 5 and above, with Android and Windows Phone ports to come.

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