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Furious 7 is now one of the most successful films in history with $1.3B gross

Furious 7 had an amazing first few weeks worldwide, and we had some thoughts about why people love the movie so much, but the Vin Diesel-led crew is still performing amazingly well at the box office, recently edging out Frozen, Iron Man 3, and the last Harry Potter film to become the fourth largest movie in history worldwide.

"These totals are, of course, unadjusted for inflation. When that’s taken into account, Deathly Hallows: Part 2 would still sit above Furious 7 for the time being—but the global ticket sales for the action film represents the incredible forward momentum Furious 7 has carried in the month since its release," Entertainment Weekly's Jonathon Dornbush reported. "Furious 7 became the biggest film at China’s box office, and will likely rank among the highest earners in the U.S. for 2015 when the year comes to a close."

There are some interesting trends here, and it's worth once again bringing up the power of the film's diverse cast. "The movie's success was driven by minority audiences: 25% of the weekend's ticket buyers were white, 37% were Hispanic, 24% were African American, and 10% were Asian," CNN Money stated. "44% of the film's moviegoers were also under the age of 25."

The last takeaway? International markets are where the money is found in big-budget franchises these days. Furious 7 has made over a billion dollars internationally, and "only" $323 million in the US. Compare that to the number 3 most popular movie worldwide, The Avengers, which made $895 million internationally and $623 million domestically. The second Avengers film will be released this weekend in the US, but it has already made $255 million worldwide.

It's a big world, and that world loves living life one quarter mile at a time.