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Real-time Animal Crossing music, right in your browser

One of the best parts of Nintendo's Animal Crossing series is Kazumi Totaka's serene, beautiful background music, which changes based on the time of day you play. Animal Crossing Music, a fan-made extension for Google Chrome, duplicates that functionality right in your web browser.

Once installed, the extension adds a small icon of K.K. Slider to the upper-right corner of Chrome. Clicking that button will begin playing on loop the corresponding song for time of day according to your computer's system clock.

Best of all, the extension includes the soundtrack for every Animal Crossing title released so far, so you can pick the one you're most nostalgic for. By default, it'll even play random songs by K.K. Slider on Saturday nights, mimicking the charming dog's in-game concerts.

Created by NeoGAF user Andrex, the extension was inspired by a website built by comic artist Brian Lee which accomplished the same thing using an embedded YouTube player. Animal Crossing Music is available for download on the Google Chrome web store.

To see the extension in action, check out our video below.

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