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David Lynch leaves Twin Peaks revival due to budget concerns

Showtime announced back in October of 2014 that Twin Peaks would be returning for a nine-episode run in 2016, with David Lynch returning to direct, not to mention co-write the series with Mark Frost.

It now looks like Lynch's involvement with the project has come to an end.

This is the statement given to a Facebook page dedicated to Twin Peaks:

Dear Facebook Friends, David wanted me to pass along the following statement:

Showtime did not pull the plug on Twin Peaks.

After one year and four months of negotiations, I left because not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done.

This weekend I started to call actors to let them know I would not be directing.

Twin Peaks may still be very much alive at Showtime.

I love the world of Twin Peaks and wish things could have worked out differently.

Lynch has stated in the past that they were still working on his contract, but an "unnamed source" told Entertainment Weekly that the show was moving forward. This was in March of this year.

Lynch has since confirmed his exit via Twitter, repeating the statement.

It's very possible that the show will move forward without Lynch's involvement.