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Mobius Final Fantasy was 'a little too sexy,' watch the redesigned mobile RPG

Mobius Final Fantasy is headed to Japanese mobile devices this spring, but with a bit less exposed skin than developer Square Enix originally planned.

About 29 minutes into a recent Japanese language presentation about the role-playing game, the developers discussed the protagonist, Wal, and how some of his wardrobe has grown during development.

The amnesia-ridden protagonist arrives in Paramitia shrouded in mystery and soon becomes a warrior in the strange land under siege. During Mobius Final Fantasy, Wal (or whatever players choose to name him) will take on different roles, and those include different wardrobes. The outfit for the first job (pictured below), which exposed Wal's sides, seems to have been a bit too revealing, according to its developers.

"It's kind of sexy."

The creative team's lighthearted discussion poked fun at their original design for the Onion Swordsman, with a presenter even smiling and covering her eyes when the original costume appeared onscreen. Based on their reassessment and fan feedback after the design was revealed in December, Square Enix added some more material to the outfit, particularly to Wal's once-exposed sides.

"It's kind of sexy," said a presenter, according to Rocket News 24's translation. "A little too sexy."

The hourlong presentation included much more information about the game, including an extended look at gameplay. You can see the game in action in the video above, beginning at about 36 minutes in.

Mobius Final Fantasy's creators include a host of series veterans, including longtime series producer Yoshinori Kitase. On Square Enix's teaser site, Kitase writes that the mobile game has a console-sized scope.

"A new era of gaming is here," he wrote. "We’re crafting a full-scale, high-quality RPG world the likes of which has never been seen on smartphones and tablets.

"This is the end product of longtime Final Fantasy creators bringing the series to mobile — and things will never be the same."

The upcoming RPG was announced as Mevius Final Fantasy. Square Enix hasn't announced a Western release.

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