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J.B. Smoove plays GTA Online in a monster truck on top of a skyscraper

Grand Theft Auto creator Rockstar Games invited J.B. Smoove to play GTA Online recently, and the actor and comedian got a bit philosophical while he was murdering, racing and sumo wrestling with monster trucks.

Press play above to see Smoove, who voiced Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris in Grand Theft Auto 5, play several of the game's online modes. That includes Adversary Mode, which players unlock as they play GTA Online Heists. Stick around for Smoove's philosophical discussion about ruckus and a wallet-sized ruckus box. (It's the secret of his success.)

Fair warning, though: The video above uses all of the swear words, which officially certifies it as NSFW.

Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online will make their long-awaited debut on Windows PC April 14. You can watch a trailer for the recently released Heists mode below.

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