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Tour a working Pac-Man cabinet built inside Minecraft

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Minecraft has cut a large swath through the gaming landscape over the past few years, but perhaps its largest effect is the democratization of digital creation. If you can move a mouse and punch a keyboard you can create, and everyone seems interested in joining in — from educators to entire nations. Count among them Mr. Squishy, a humble consultant named Matt living in the Washington, D.C. area. With absolutely no programming experience at all, he has recreated the original Pac-Man inside Minecraft.

Not just the physical cabinet, but the entire first level of the game.

This isn't Polygon's first time diving head-first into the wonderful world of Minecraft creators. You can join us for a tour of a working hard drive, and The Legend of Zelda, both lovingly created by hand out of low resolution blocks. Just watch out for creepers.

You can learn more about the project here on the Minecraft forums, where you can also download the map for yourself. Follow the development on Mr. Squishy's YouTube and Twitch channels.

When you're finished here, check out The Legend of Zelda built inside Minecraft.

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