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Jon Snow is the world's worst dinner guest

This is one of those jokes that seems like such a simple idea, but it's pure magic from the first time Jon Snow opens his mouth through the final moments when he realizes he has a chance with another one of the dinner guests.

In case you're not a big Game of Thrones fan: Jon is a bastard, knows nothing and basically acts tortured while looking sexy.

The poor guy is trying so hard to be a good dinner guest and being so miserable at his lack of friends and that just makes it better; it's also fun to watch Kit Harington pantomime previous seasons of the show, including a certain scene with eyeballs, before throwing a bit of shade at the books.

Kit Harington has some great comedic timing, and this video made my morning a bit better. We also have some thoughts on the first four episodes of the upcoming season five if you want a few hints about what to expect.

Teaser Trailer: Game of Thrones 3- "A Sword in the Darkness"

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