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Arrested Development producer says 17 new episodes are on their way

Producer Brian Grazer recently confirmed that 17 new episodes of comedy series Arrested Development are planned. In an appearance on writer, commentator and podcaster Bill Simmons' B.S. Report, Grazer casually mentioned that a new season of the show was planned while talking about the loyalty of Arrested Development fans.

I love Arrested Development, but it was never a huge thing, no. But people are loyal to it. We're going to do another seventeen episodes, so stay tuned for Arrested Development.

Those loyal Arrested Development fans might not want to get too excited, as Netflix has yet to confirm Grazer's statement. Indeed, there may be few excitable Arrested Development fans around. As Grazer notes, the show was a solid cult hit, not a long running slam dunk for Fox Television. Still, sustained fan interest, even after it went off the air, led to the show being picked up by Netflix for a seven-years-later fourth season, one of the company's earliest forays into original content.

That fourth season, however, was met with mixed-to-negative response from fans and critics, partially because of an experimental storytelling style intended to capitalize on Netflix's practice of releasing entire television seasons in a single day. On the one hand, there are lots of fans out there who might not return after such a long awaited disappointment. On the other, it's likely that Arrested Development's creators will have learned some significant lessons both from the failure of the fourth season and from the wild success of Netflix's subsequent original shows.

Here's the B.S. Report featuring Grazer. His remarks on Arrested Development can be found around the 24:20 mark.

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