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Dead or Alive 5 PC mod brings Shenmue's key battle back to life

Thanks to modders, the Windows PC release of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round is giving players more Shenmue than Sega seems willing to give us these days. A new texture pack released by modder "Esppiral" lets Dead or Alive fans fight as both Ryo Hazuki and his rival Lan Di from Shenmue on PC, after a fashion.

Esppiral's Dead or Alive 5 Shenmue Edition texture pack reskins Jacky and Akira — fittingly, two other Sega characters from the Virtua Fighter series — in a pretty convincing way. The dojo from the opening scenes of Shenmue has also been pretty accurately recreated by Esppiral, who has made the texture packs available as a free download.

More screenshots of Ryo and Lan Di in action and links to download the texture packs are available at Shenmue Dojo, where the modder hints that he'd like to create more accurate 3D models of Shenmue's stars.

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