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Got $1? Stream one of the best action films of the past few years

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The "you messed with the wrong person; now everyone is going to die" genre is filled with great films, but 2014's John Wick is a wonderful example of the form.

And Amazon Instant Video has the HD version of the film available for rental for only $1 for a limited time.

Why is the film so good? The plot is kept to a bare minimum, just enough to give someone enough reason to go on a rampage against people you know deserve it. It seems to celebrate the idea of holy rage, and it's filled with well-directed action and a surprisingly filled-out world.

You're going to want to pick up some gold coins just to buy some illicit shit when you're done watching it, in fact. This is a great action film that's made by people who obviously care about delivering a great action film. Just remember, when you're watching, that Keanu Reeves is 50 years old. Dude moves like someone half his age, and this is all the evidence you need that he needs to be doing more action films.

I'll shut up now, but this is a good way to blow a dollar.

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