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Good news, bystanders: mobile Mortal Kombat X is as gory as the full title

Mortal Kombat X is getting a mobile release as well, and it won't just be some companion app to the main game on consoles launching April 14. This trailer promises it'll have all of the bone-breaking, blood-spewing and limb-severing expected of the full-size title, so be sure to play it in full view of everyone on the airplane.

Last month, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the free-to-play version, saying that playing it will unlock content on the console release and vice versa. Mortal Kombat X's mobile edition is available on iOS and Android devices.

For more, see the trailer above. Another NetherRealm fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us, also released a fighting/card-battling hybrid for mobile devices in 2013.

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