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Report: Logan's Run remake retooled for female lead

The Logan's Run remake long in production (last we heard Ken Levine was writing the script) has been reworked for a female lead, according to Hollywood industry site The Tracking Board.

It sounds like the rewrite was at least in part triggered by Ryan Gosling backing out of the lead role. According to the site, with Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn both no longer attached to the remake of the 1976 classic, the studio is "hunting down a fresh writer to develop the film for a female lead."

We've reached out to Levine to see if he is still writing the script and if the lead character is now female. We'll update this story when he responds.

The original Logan's Run, released in 1976 by MGM, was an adaptation of a 1967 book about a future society that maintains the delicate balance of life on earth by requiring people to turn themselves in for execution at the age of 21. In the movie,  Michael York plays a Sandman whose job it is to hunt down people who refuse to report in. He goes rogue himself once a computer reports him as being at the age of death and flees with the help of a woman named Jessica, played by Jenny Agutter.

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