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Eve Online is in the midst of a rare, massive battle and you can watch it live (update)

Reports are just beginning to trickle in to Polygon now, initially from publisher CCP itself, but it appears that a massive battle has been sparked off in Eve Online.

Over the past few weeks the Cluster Fuck Coalition (CFC), lead by The Mittani, has kicked the door in on another in-game group, known as N3. After two weeks of struggle, the CFC has brought over 1400 players into the region known as Delve in the southwest portion of the Eve Online universe. The system being assaulted right now is called ZXB, and you can watch the progress live on Twitch.

Damages to N3 are in excess of $2,500 at this time, and the attack shows no sign of abating.

You can learn more about Eve Online in Polygon's feature here.


Update: We've got an interview with the commander leading today's assault. You can watch it below.

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