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Meet the man leading more than 1,000 players in today's massive Eve Online battle

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Over the past two weeks Eve Online's Cluster Fuck Coalition (CFC), led by The Mittani, has been moving massive amounts of men and materiel into rival N3 space. Last night the final assault on a key objective, the space station at ZXB, went into high gear.

Polygon reached out to Eve's publisher CCP, and asked to open a communications channel with the CFC. Their lead diplomat offered up Kane Malone, better known in the Eve world as sky marshall Blawrf McTaggart and the leader of CFC's latest military operation.

In total, Malone estimates he has 1,400 to 1,600 other players at his command for this assault. But what are they actually all doing?

Via Skype chat earlier this morning, we sat down with Malone to get a better idea of what was happening in-game. The result will hopefully bring us all a little closer to understanding the rich tactical and strategic simulations possible in Eve's persistent universe.

Damages to N3 are in estimated to be in excess of $2,500 at this time, and Malone says the CFC assault has only just begun.

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