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Age of Empires II HD is getting a new expansion

A new Age of Empires II: HD expansion is in development, according to a blog post from publisher Microsoft.

The game's official blog today outlined a series of patch notes and multiplayer lobby changes, as well as an announcement of a new expansion. The post was illustrated with a single screenshot (above) featuring camel archers. No further details were released but, according to the announcement, the expansion will include "new civilizations, campaigns, game modes, units and more."

Age of Empires II: HD, based on the classic 1999 historical real-time strategy game, was released in 2013. It attracted plenty of mods and additions through Steam Workshop. An expansion, called The Forgotten was developed by Forgotten Empires and released 18 months ago. Forgotten Empires is working on this new expansion.

According to Microsoft, the new addition will honor the original game's own series of expansions. "If your focus is more on the original Age of Empires II experience, the new content development means you can look forward to additional support and features that benefit every owner," the blog post stated.

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