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You can buy Five Nights at Freddy's custom amiibo, because nowhere is safe

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For your daily dose of nightmare fuel, we earnestly submit the fact that Five Nights at Freddy's can now haunt your shelf in the form of custom amiibo.

Two amiibo, Foxy and Bonnie, are available on eBay from user thecaptainwayneThe quality of the amiibo isn't quite on par with what we've seen before, and they're a bit pricey with a starting bid set at $40 for Bonnie and $42 for Foxy. I'd wager that these figures aren't exactly what Nintendo had in mind when it started releasing amiibo, but it's hard to fight the viral power of Five Nights at Freddy's.

Five Nights at Freddy's is Scott Cawthon's wildly successful horror series in which you play as a security guard trying to survive nightly attacks from creepy animatronic jerks. The first game launched just last August, while a sequel crept onto Steam in November. In March, Cawthon released the third installment. There's also a movie deal in the works with Warner Bros.