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Kids are tricky, so turn them into pineapples to make money in this satirical game

In No Pineapple Left Behind, children aren't the future — pineapples are. This satirical management sim sees you wielding your power as the principal of a school to exploit students for profit.

No Pineapple Left Behind is the creation of Seth Alter and his team, also known as Subaltern Games. The game is inspired by Alter's days as a middle school math teacher, after he "became fed up with the callous administration" and decided to teach through video games.

In No Pineapple Left Behind, players hire teachers, create a curriculum and handle parental concerns. The goal is to push your students to high grades, usually by zapping them into obedient fruit. You can get a look at how the game plays in the trailer above.

"Pineapples are very simple," the trailer's narrator says. "All they do is take tests and get grades. Good grades means more money. Children are complicated. They have needs and feelings. Unprofitable!"

No Pineapple Left Behind is currently in alpha and is expected to launch on Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam.

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