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Ronin's turn-based ninja combat has to be seen to be believed (or understood)

Ronin, the upcoming stealth-action game from developer Tomasz Waclawek, is pretty bizarre. It's got a dash of Gunpoint, the 2013 hacker-platformer, which shares Ronin's leaping mechanics. There's some Mark of the Ninja-style stealth kills in there, as well — but that's where things start getting weird. Combat is turn-based, meaning your ninja protagonist will have to plan their strikes and maneuvers very carefully, or else they'll end up on the business end of a bullet or sword.

"Turn-based ninja action" is kind of a hard thing to visualize, so check out the video preview above to watch us strategically take out a few dozen henchman. Ronin will launch later this year on PC, Mac and Linux.

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