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Marvel reveals Daredevil's final costume

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Responses were muted when Marvel first revealed the look of Daredevil as he would appear in the Netflix series that bears his name. It wasn't that the costume was inaccurate, as Matt Murdock has on occasion sported an all-black ninja-inspired ensemble. (Ninjas were real big in comics in the '90s.) Rather, it was that the outfit was inconclusive. Was this the final costume? Or was it merely a stepping stone on the way to the hornéd, red suit that is classically associated with the character.

And where in a television series Marvel might be able to string that uncertainty along for months of weekly episodes, tomorrow the entire season of Daredevil will become available on Netflix at midnight Pacific Standard Time. By the end of this weekend, everybody's going to now the answer.

Which is probably why they're revealing it today: