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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 teased in new Treyarch video

This is our first taste of what's coming to Call of Duty from Treyarch later this year. Here's a hint: It's Black Ops 3.

The video above promises more details, and by that I think they mean any details, for the upcoming shooter later this month. All we know now is that this video is called Back in Black and that it ends with a roman numeral three.

Treyarch was responsible for the original Black Ops in 2010 and Black Ops 2 in 2012. The first game took place during the '60s and was mostly played out as a series of flashbacks during the interrogation of SOG operative Alex Mason. The sequel takes place in the '80s and in 2025 when Mason is retired.

The world reveal for the game will be April 26, but there are tons of little clues nestled into the video, including someone mentioning Mason. And there's not just the audio; I'd bet those numbers and letters will turn out to be important as well.

If you discover something please drop it in comments.

Update: I've added the video you can find at the snapchat buried in the trailer. Also here's a pic of the snapchat image.


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