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How to make your own 'classic' Apple watch

You can read a review of an Apple Watch that will cost you a whole lot of money, or you can just make your own. I mean, this one is based on the Apple II, but we guarantee you'll save a ton of money taking this route.

"Although the MCU I'm using runs at a blistering (by early 1980's standards) 72 MHz , the watch functions are mostly parody of the modern Apple Watch," the watch's creator stated.

"My version does keep and display the real time and date, the rest of the UI is mostly for fun. I considered spending the time to add a BASIC interpreter (either Woz's Integer Basic or perhaps Tiny Basic), but the return on my time would be diminishing. I spent about 3 weeks casually working on the case design and basic circuitry and another week on the graphics and software."

This is a great combination of classic design, a sly joke at how quickly technology moves, as well as a pretty amazing conversation piece. If you're bored and have a good working knowledge of electronics, not to mention access to a 3D printer, this is a great project to take on. You can see it in action below.

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