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The Last of Us re-imagined as a TV series is a great way to show it off to friends

The Last of Us is critically acclaimed for its performances and narrative depth, but its gameplay can be less than welcoming to newcomers. Fortunately, there's another way to introduce your non-gaming friends and family to its story.

Student and The Last of Us fan Grant Voegtle created a series of playthroughs in the style of a TV series. They slice out the sections dedicated to combat or exploration, and instead focus on the game's story and characters.

In an interview with The Verge, Voegtle said that his goal was spread The Last of Us to people outside of video games.

"I was hearing that people wanted to share the story of The Last of Us with their family, but they just didn't have the time to have them sit down and play the entire game," Voegtle said. "Hearing that and knowing that I could do that for people — that's been the most motivating thing so far to keep me working on it."

Check out the full interview for more on the project. You can watch the teaser trailer above, while full episodes are available on YouTube.

A live-action film version of The Last of Us is currently underway. And then there's always upcoming Arnold Schwarzenegger film Maggie, which has understandably drawn quite a few comparisons to the game.

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