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TowerFall's Dark World expansion hits PC and PS4 May 12

TowerFall Ascension's Dark World expansion will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and PC May 12 for $9.99, according to a post on the game's development blog.

The expansion for the arrow-filled, pixelated title will arrive "a few days later" for European PS4 consoles.

Developer Matt Thorson told Polygon last year that that he planned to release Dark World simultaneously on PS4 and Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The developer blog confirms those plans, with Dark World headed to GOG, the Humble Store and Steam.

TowerFall Ascension's expansion will bring new weapons like Trigger Arrows, "a powerup that makes your projectiles behave like remote-­detonated mines," Thorson wrote on the PlayStation Blog. It will also include a boss-filled four-player mode, an evolution of the original game's two-­player Quest mode.

"You can revive your fallen teammates as you fight through the many stages of each Dark World portal, and every set is capped off with a unique boss battle," he wrote. Those looking for a challenge can also take on the new mode solo.

"When we set out to create an update for TowerFall, we didn’t expect to take it this far," he wrote. "What started as a single new level set with a new archer ballooned into 4 level sets, 10 archers, procedurally generated levels, a new co-­op mode, boss battles, new powerups, and more. The result is DLC that pushes every aspect of the game further in surprising and meaningful ways. No matter what you love about TowerFall Ascension, we want to give you more in Dark World."

Thorson also said that the developer will have more information on the PlayStation Vita version of TowerFall Ascension "soon."

For more on the game, be sure to read Polygon's TowerFall Ascension review. Press play below to see it in action.

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