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Kids playing 'classic' Tiger handhelds is a terrible reminder of your own mortality

The idea of a portable gaming device that isn't just locked into a single game but can't even display "real" graphics as we understand them is strange to today's kids, but that's how my generation grew up. These Tiger handhelds were a big deal in the schoolyard when I was younger, and having one with a popular license was super important if you wanted to be cool.

Watching today's kids try to play these is the best, not because of their confusion, but due to the fact it reminds us that we live in a frickin' science fiction world. These days many children walk around with portable computers in their pockets that can play any number of games that only cost a few bucks, if anything at all, and are purchased online. The future is now.

Heck, most children at my own kids' schools have either an iPhone or an iPod touch or an Android device, and being "cool" usually means having whatever game is talked about at the time. Five Nights at Freddy's is a very big deal among pre-teens, by the way. The fact that Tiger portables have joined the ranks of rotary phones or card catalogs as items kids are confused by is kind of scary, but here we are.

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