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Watch an amazing player beat two Mega Man games at the same time

How does one play two games at once? The answer, it seems, is very carefully.

YouTube user Aura Puffs played Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 at the same time, using a single input, so whenever a button was pressed on the controller that action would take place on both games. The resulting run lasts a little under three hours, and it's an impressive and oddly creative feat of gaming.

"I love a challenge, so I proposed this synchronized playthrough to myself. It's not a fully optimized or perfect run to be taken seriously, but something intense & challenging I wanted to put myself to the test with," the video's description reads. "Enjoy!"

This is a pretty killer test of one's skills and cleverness and, while I don't think it's worth watching the whole thing unless you're a huge fan of these games, bouncing around to see how each section was beaten is a ton of fun.

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