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Finally, a VR game that lets you hone your texting and driving skills

The best virtual reality games turn your attention into a kind of currency; when you're looking at this thing, you can't be looking at that thing, and therein lies the tension. SMS Racing, a short game made by Turbo Button for Oculus' Mobile VR Jam tackles this challenge in a wonderfully modern way by forcing you to make a constant decision between the road and your cell phone.

The game is often funny; there's even an icon that shows when the other racers are texting so you know when to look for their erratic behavior.

The interface used to text is a fun way to keep your from "cheating." You need to respond to texts from your friends with pre-determined, short responses, but the letters for each are displayed on a four-way display and you have to use the face buttons on your controller to tap out the answer. You have ten seconds to respond, and if you fail to send a response text you lose a friend. Lose three friends and you lose the game.

You can't memorize the layout of a keyboard because it's randomized, which means you have to look down and focus on each text, while darting your eyes up to make sure you don't run into other racers or the road.

This clever gimmick is combined with rock-solid performance in the Gear VR, so the racing is comfortable and won't leave you feeling ill. Heck, this is proof that a racing game, or at least a simple way, can work very well on the platform. It's fun to be able to look around or even behind you to see the other racers swerving around the track.

If you have a Gear VR, you can download the game file directly to your device to give it a try.