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Dreamcast RPG Grandia 2 headed for HD PC release

Grandia 2, a highly regarded role-playing game released on Dreamcast back in 2000, is to be given an HD rebirth on Windows PC, via Steam.

In a report by GameSpot today, publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America confirmed that it will be bringing an HD version of Grandia 2 to Windows PC, following an "enthusiastic" response to a consumer survey sent out earlier this year. A release date has not been announced.

Grandia 2 was originally launched by GameArts for Sega's Dreamcast, with ports later coming to PlayStation 2 and PC. The game was much-praised at the time for its good looks and innovative battle systems. Dreamcast's limited success hampered Grandia 2's sales, though it often features strongly in retrospective editorials on the best Dreamcast games.

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