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Beyond Good and Evil's Jade is a wonderful hero, Feminist Frequency explores why

The latest video from Feminist Frequency goes into detail about what made Jade from Beyond Good and Evil such a great character, and what sets her apart from other women characters in games. If you haven't played the game, by the way, it's worth tracking down a copy to see why fans are so passionate.

Jade is a wonderful character for a number of reasons, and who she is and what she's capable of is conveyed through everything from the character design to her actual in-game "work." She helps people, she has friends and she worries about money.

She's a great example of a character that's fully fleshed out and feels real, with actual agency and motivations. It helps that the world around her also feels much more fleshed out than most games.

Jade is an uncommonly well-written and conceived character for gaming in general, but combine that with how few women protagonists we get in games and you have a game that's worth the praise and cult-classic status. This video is a great look into what makes a great character, and why visuals are only part of what makes Jade such a rarity in gaming.