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How to manufacture stealth in Volume

A new video for Volume, the upcoming stealth game from Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell, shows how players can build their own stealthy labyrinths.

Press play above to watch Bithell demonstrate the level editor, which he said the development team used to create Volume's levels.

"We've tried to make the process and tools simple," Bithell wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "Easily create a level. Upload it to our server. And bask in the glory and praise of peers with a highly rated map!

"Top-rated maps will bubble up in our online community list. It will be easy to select a specific level and hop right in. Or you can create a customizable playlist made from a mix of player-created and campaign levels."

Bithell's modern-day Robin Hood retelling is in development for Mac, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. For more on the game and its Andy Serkis-voiced villain, be sure to read our interview with Bithell.

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