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Batman now has a sniper rifle that causes guns to explode

The last trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, embedded above, showed off a new, long-range weapon called the "disruptor," and today a blog post discussing the use of the weapon was released on the game's official forums.

What's interesting is that the disruptor has three charges per encounter, meaning it's ammunition is tied to the game and not any in-universe reason for having three shots. You want more ammo? Go to a new encounter. Here are your options when it's in use, direct from the post:

  • Jamming enemies weapons when they attempt to fire at Batman
  • Exploding enemy weapons (by using two charges on the same weapon)
  • Rigging weapon crates to shock enemies who try to arm themselves
  • Tagging vehicles with tracking devices for Batmobile pursuits

"In Predator scenarios, the Disruptor can be employed to target various enemy devices by rendering them inactive, or even turning them against their owners," the blog post states. "Additionally, the Disruptor is equipped with a long range scope, allowing Batman to survey and set up control of the situation from the rooftops of Gotham City with pinpoint accuracy." So it's not a traditional gun, but a gun that removes the efficacy of your opponent's weapons.

Having something explode in the hands of a henchmen comes pretty close to breaking Batman's "no kill" rule, but we'll just assume they're stunned and thrown clear of the blast.

You'll also be able to upgrade the weapon with more uses per engagement, or to allow more explosions.

"Alternatively, a high level upgrade is available to Batman allowing him to hack and disrupt the turret of the Arkham Knight’s Drone Tanks," the post explains. "This creates the opportunity for Batman to draw the Drones attention on foot, only for its turret to backfire and self-destruct when it attempts to fire."

Killing drones? Still A-OK. Arkham Knight is coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 23.

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