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Nintendo to unveil E3 plans tomorrow, May 13

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

Nintendo will reveal how it's handling E3 2015 tomorrow, May 13, at noon ET, Nintendo of America announced today on Twitter.

Along with the announcement, the company posted a photo of a tall figure — presumably Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America — wearing a pink hooded tracksuit at the gym, and asked, "Who's training for E3?" You can see the tweet below.

For the past two years, Nintendo has eschewed hosting a traditional press briefing at E3 in favor of more focused events. In 2013, the company held a press event in which it allowed members of the media to get hands-on time with its games lineup. Last year, the company went online with the Nintendo Digital Event, a livestreamed video program similar to its regular Nintendo Direct presentations. Along with that show, Nintendo ran daily livestreams from the E3 show floor with the Treehouse, the Product Development Department at Nintendo of America.

Fils-Aime told Polygon during E3 2013 that going forward, Nintendo's E3 strategy would be "an ongoing conversation, based on what the right thing to do is for the content we have."

Last week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said during an investors meeting that Nintendo won't be discussing its next console, codenamed the NX, during E3 2015 — in fact, said Iwata, "We do not plan on talking specifics about the the NX until 2016." Iwata added that "since we understand that E3 is an event for dedicated video game machines," Nintendo won't be talking about its partnership with DeNA for smartphone games or its quality-of-life initiatives during E3.

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced it was pushing back the release of the upcoming Zelda game for Wii U out of 2015, and added that it wouldn't be showing the project at E3.

Polygon will be on the ground in Los Angeles for E3 2015, which runs from June 16-18, to bring you all the news from Nintendo and everyone else.

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